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is our latest, revolutionary product, which provides your hair with the most natural wavy texture.




About the man


I decided to work as a Hairstylist after finding out what major physical transitions you can make a person go through by using a hair straightener. As a young aged boy I realized that there is no greater pleasure to me than creating something from the scratch and turning someone’s upper physique into something more beautiful. I truly believe in the fact that there is always a little bit more you can do with someone’s hair or face. There is always this tiny little thing that separates the perfect from not perfect style.

The first time I experienced the effect of changing someone’s personality by simply modeling her or his hair in a completely different way was, when my mom came home from work and she didn’t had her usual curly hair. I only knew my mom as the person with that beautiful unique curly hair and as she stepped into the room with her perfectly straightened hair which was slightly glowing in the light, i felt shocked and amazed at the same time. It was such an intense experience to me to realize that by simply changing a little detail of the hair like going from curly to straight, you can change a person’s impact to her or his environment. That day changed my life. I decided to dedicate my Life to the wonderful world of Hairstyling.

There is much to learn and plenty to know about how you can model someone’s head into something stunning. And as you take a close look into my portfolio, you will recognize that many of my stylings are subtile and hidden behind the beauty of the model. My philosophy is to create a foundation for the Beauty of the Model. In my opinion there is Beauty in all of us, it only has to be made accessible for the beholders eyes. And that’s my ambition: I want you to access the world of Beauty.

It is in the nature of a Hairstylist to share his body of work with the world and the people in it. It is like one of those last things in this world which you can’t buy for money. It’s the feeling of creating something that will exist at least long enough to make someone happy.

Glitter, glamour and big emotions!

In the world of stars and starlets you will always find the latest fashion trends. Whether it is in blockbusters like "Sex and the City", in the fashion news, or in the trendy lifestyle blog. The models on the runway, the influencers in beachwear and the royal bridal hairstyles rely on natural hair styling as a special accessory.


Beach Waves are your new style!

They all love it. The movie stars on the red carpet, models at the bikini shoot and the celebrity hair and makeup artists. We're talking about the cool hippie look. Young, wild and free. And what could fit better than casual and free-falling light waves? Hairstyle and hair colour are completely irrelevant. Blonde, light brown or red hair. Whether long hairstyle or medium-length hair - the hippie look always works and is exactly in line with the fashion trend. 


Be the „Local Beauty“!

The trendy hippie styling fits just as well to every occasion and in every location. It's en vogue. Conventional curly and updo hairstyles require the use of a curling iron. The styling is very complex and time-consuming. Damaged hair and light burns are often the result. Both a show stopper! In contrast, you bring waves easily into shape, and create quickly and easily your perfect style. And we'll tell you how to get the perfect waves!


Your hairdresser has it!

The Wavewinder is the new tool for great hair! The styling revolution helps you get the seductive and light waves everyone wants. No curling tongs, no experiments and no risks for your hairstyle. Ask your trusted hairdresser about the Wavewinder. And you get a natural and outstanding styling. 


Let yourself be styled and decide whether you want a permanently beautiful wave!


Check out our story about great hair and natural beautiful waves and learn more about the product and its hair stylists!

Beach Waves by Wavewinder


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